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 It's been a pretty busy week at work, taking job training and running shop. I still haven't made any progress with the website, it's just been on the back burner. There's still a lot I need to accomplish before I set it off, and I want to make sure that when I do start it again, I hit the ground running. I'm just killing time before I go into work, throwing in an update since it's already been over a week since I posted anything. Time goes so fast anymore, it's actually getting kind of scary. The year's already half over! Megan and I have started really talking about our plans for the future as far as moving to Delaware and what our options are. I'm really stressed out because it seems that my life has funneled down to me having to accept my current job as my career prospect, and that was exactly what I was trying to avoid.

But then again, I suppose it all really just boils down to my attitude. I may as well just put on a smile and go with the flow.

Steak in my belly.
 Along with a few beers. I'm going to go watch my boy Mike DiAngelo tear it up tonight at Rack's in Atco. Woooooord.

I have a bunch of ideas for comics to draw for the new strip once I get my site ironed out and redone. It's pretty exciting. This shit will PWN. At least, I'll be happy with it. As long as I can draw it to my own liking. It's not as if I don't have the time to do it, what with not being able to afford school again...

 Fuck with me. God damn I love the new Deftones album.

Okay, so I can either keep using my crappy old USB tablet and install Photoshop 7 on my laptop or I have to bite the bullet and get myself a new tablet so I can utilize the Photoshop CS3 I already have installed. Obviously, I'd prefer the latter, but I'm kind of broke and it's going to take to some time. Gauge (my car, that's her name), needs some new engine mounts so she stops being so cranky at stoplights, and we'd like a new head unit as well. Problem is, I might also be making a little less money in the near future. Which is complete bullshit, given the circumstances. It's kind of a long story that I don't feel like getting into right now, but let's just say I hate my job with the fire of a million suns going nova at once. I really should just look for another one, but then again it's probably best I wait until I move Delaware before I do that. Which I ALSO won't be able to afford to do anytime soon as long as I stick with the job I have now. I hate being stuck like this. I need to win the lottery or something.

But it's all good for motivation, one would think. If I can get my webcomic cleaned up and epically awesome (perhaps Digg-worthy), I might be able to generate enough hits where I can actually start raking in some money through ads and t-shirt sales like the big boys (i.e. questionablecontent.net and xkcd.net, to name a couple). What I would give to actually have a self-sufficient webcomic and not have to strangle my self-esteem for 40 hours every week. I would actually be happy with my life.

Not to say that my life totally sucks or anything. I love my bigger bedroom I just moved over to since my friend Nadine got her own place and moved out. And I love my girlfriend Megan even more. She's another huge source of motivation for me since I want to be able to catch up to how awesome she is. I mean, there's obviously nothing wrong with the fact that she makes more than twice what I do, but it doesn't make feel like any less of a loser, especially considering I'm three years older.

But anyway (STOP WHINING, STU), back to the website. Once I get the whole tablet thing ironed out, I'll post a fuck-all ending to the shitty Stu On This comic I wasted the last nine years doing, or possibly even just draw it on paper and then scan and post that if I can't wait. I want to start something totally new, a comic based on my life and friends and/or something even more bizarre than the original comic series. I haven't been utilizing my talents at all for well over the past year now, and it's seriously depressing me. Of course, the reason I haven't been motivated to draw anything probably stemmed from being depressed, so it's a pretty vicious cycle. I need to channel some fucking willpower and just snap the fuck out of it and get down to business. I've been looking into some CSS stuff to redesign the site with, although I may just keep with what I know for now and stick to good old HTML with some Java bits since that would make things really easy on me, archaic as it is. We shall see. Maybe if I get it popular, someone will offer to help me remodel, who knows.

Ah, it feels good to blog again. I'm completely drained from work, and the fact that I woke up at 4:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep certainly isn't helping. Time for some Super Street Fighter 4! :D

LiveJournal REBOOT!
 Ok, so my days as ParasyteStuie (go look my former screen name up if you wanna be a total stalker. It's fine, you have my permission! lol) on this thing are officially over. Today marks a new era of my conquest of the internets! I could link all my backlogs here, but I don't really feel like it, despite some of my old MySpace ramblings being pretty entertaining. Ah, mental illness.

So, here's the agenda, let's hope I stick to it.
  • Get StuOnThis.com revamped and rebooted. Make a final Stu On This strip and start something fresh and new.
  • .... hmmm, I thought I had enough of an agenda to make a bulleted list.
  • Apparently, I don't.
  • Well, I do if I keep typing nonsense.
I suppose there's also my somewhat long-term goals, like moving out of Jersey, finding an actual CAREER, maybe finishing school, marrying my girlfriend, etc. After reading a lot of the internet's self-sustaining webcomics, I've been really amped about making one myself. I mean, it's like hitting the lottery, and I've already tried that and failed, but I've really just failed myself. If I had honestly been a little more motivated and had put some more work into it, I think I could have already been there. But then again, I guess there no reason why I still can't, I just gotta want it. And I almost think I really do this time.

At least, I hope so. Otherwise I'm gonna feel pretty stupid about all the money I've paid for my domain and webspace.


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